Who is Destiny?

What is 

Triple D Photograpy?

Georgia made and Mississippi raised, our founder is an innovator who happens to own a camera. A graduate from Mississippi State University, our CEO, Destiny Braswell, has always had a passion for photography. She recalls, "I remember having my first point and shoot camera around the age of five years old. I used to be so excited to see what kind of images I ended up capturing!" She continues, "Throughout the years, photography has been in my life since I can remember. I experienced many different jobs and even experimented with different majors in college; however photography always seemed to be just around the corner whenever I looked. Because I have worked for so many years with cameras, I have developed a special 'eye' for photographs. This is a main reason why I like to call my work 'designed' - I have the ability to manipulate a particularly boring setting into something more beautiful by directing and studying the light source(s)."


Triple D Photography is a branch off of Triple 3D Productions. The 3 different D's in each title represents Destiny's Divine Designs. This name was chosen in reference to the founders name as well as religious beliefs, with "Three" representing the Holy Trinity.  A triangular optical illusion design was chosen for the logo for Triple D because triangles represent strength. I chose to use the optical illusion to represent different paths or "Destiny's"  that can be obtained. The stars and galaxy represent the imagination behind the "lens" AKA the designers thoughts.The swirly thing in the middle of the triangle represents a closing shutter; which is a major element that can be manipulated in photography to yield the results that are the closest to your desires! Triple D is here for all of your dreams to come true, especially if they are out of this world!